Overview of BSO

The people of Kanazawa are known to be very selective when it comes to food. At BSO, we build on eighty years of history to bring the incredible seafood of the Hokuriku region to more and more people, from here in Kanazawa. We work based on a motto of “Be the Best Partner,” and our mission is to be an outstanding partner for our customers.

Who Is BSO?

Supporting and Sharing Our Local Seafood Culture

Our story begins with our parent company, Ohguchi Suisan, which was founded in 1940. For eighty years, Ohguchi has supported the local seafood culture from Omicho Market, the “Kitchen of Kanazawa.”

In order to help bring the outstanding seafood of the Hokuriku region to more and more people, BSO was established as an independent wholesaling and processing division. The name comes from “Best Selection Ohguchi,” representing the company’s hopes to be chosen by customers for excellent seafood selections, carefully processed based on the shape and state of each type of seafood that we handle.

Ohguchi Suisan Omicho Market Stor

Weekend,many tourists visit here

We sell various kinds of seafood

What We Do at BSO

Processing Based on Customer Needs

Ohguchi Suisan generally focuses on large-scale purchasing and wholesaling of a wide variety of seafood. At BSO, we handle the processing of these various types of seafood. However, we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach; instead, we carefully choose the optimal types of processing to meet diverse needs, with the goal of bringing about innovation within the marine products processing industry.

Our Work

Our Aims at BSO

We provide our customers with three “bests”

Best Performance

The Incredible Flavor of Hokuriku Seafood

The Hokuriku region boasts naturally superb fishing grounds, with a wide variety of seafood that can be caught off the region’s shores. Kanazawa Port in particular has fishing grounds very close to the port, minimizing the amount of time before catches are hauled in, auctioned off, and on their way to shops and restaurants, for readily available fresh seafood. We combine the incredible seafood available with our many years of expertise in selecting only the finest, to bring you the best of the best.

Wholesaling Business

Best Processing

Optimized Processing with the Latest Equipment

Our new processing plant features a broad variety of the latest equipment, including flash-freezers, to ensure that our customers receive a great selection of seafood soon after it’s caught, in beautiful, easy-to-use condition. Our focus on being the best extends beyond just the excellent quality of our seafood, too: we also offer flexible service to meet customers’ needs, with customizable lot sizes and processing.

Equipment Overview

Best Condition

Strict Care to Ensure Top Quality

Over time, expectations for hygiene and quality have only gotten higher, and we have always kept a step ahead. To guarantee not just excellent flavor, but also the peace of mind that comes from food safety, we follow both national and international handling standards in our processing, to ensure that our products are always delivered in the best possible condition.

Product Safety

The Future of BSO

From Kanazawa to the World

For the past eighty years, we have served to support the local seafood culture of Kanazawa. In order to help share this part of our local culture with the rest of Japan, and eventually the world, we at BSO work on distribution-friendly processing, using technologies such as flash-freezing. We continue to work to bring the exceptional seafood of Kanazawa, and Japan as a whole, to people around the world.

Overseas Business